11 december 2017

Young scientists IBEIT report to the Ministry of Education and Science

04.12.2017 PhD (Economics), Associate Professor of the Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit Bashynska I.O. reported on the results of the project of Young Scientists at the meeting of the Academic Council of the ONPU in the presence of the representative of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the chief specialist of the Department of Science Development in higher educational institutions of the Department of Scientific and Technological Development Olexandr V. Voronenko. He noted the high results of the first stage of the scientific development of "Risk Management for the introduction of smart metering system in urban passenger transport based on the integration of smart innovations, information technologies and marketing tools" and wished further success.

10 december 2017

Preparing for the Olympics! In the struggle, the strongest wins!

Within the framework of the 1st round of the All-Ukrainian student's Olympiad in the specialty "Accounting and Taxation", a quarter-final, semifinal and final of the student's battle of accounting between students of 3-5 courses in the specialty "Accounting and Audit" (OA-151, OA-152p, OA -141 and OA-131).

4 december 2017

Graduates of the department transfer experience to first-year students

The department continues to acquaint its freshmen with practical aspects of the specialty "Accounting and Taxation" on the basis of real enterprises and institutions. This time, as part of the course "Introduction to the specialty", we went to the "holy-saints" accountant - the State Tax Inspectorate. Thanks to the STI of the Malinovsky district of Odessa for the cordial welcome and sincere attention given to our students!

26 november 2017

Company «MASTER» is an long-time partner and constant base of practice

In continuation of the project of acquaintance of students of the specialty "Accounting and Taxation" with the work of the leading enterprises of Odessa, 24.11.17 our freshmen visited the company "MASTER" as part of the course "Introduction to the specialty". This is another strategic partner and a constant base of practice for students of the Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit.

24 november 2017

Students at the advanced enterprise - the strategic partner of the DAA

The department continues to acquaint its students with the leading industrial enterprises of the Odessa region. 11/21/2017 for the best students of the 4th year education of the specialty "Accounting and Audit" and masters of the specialties "Accounting and Taxation" and "Financial and Economic Security Management"was organized an excursion to Odessa Cable Plant "Odeskabel", which is our strategic partner.

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