30 june 2017

Congratulations to the first-degree lecturer and the department of acc

Congratulations to the firstborn! For the first time in the ONPU the title of the DOCENT according to the new requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science was awarded to candidate of economic sciences, associate professor of the Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit of the Institute of Business, Economics and Information Technologies Bashynska Iryna (Order of the MES of Ukraine dated June 26, 2017, No. 936)!

5 june 2017

Talented students are talented in everything!

We express our gratitude to all the participants and organizers of the holiday in honor of the Day of the Institute of Business, Economics and Information Technologies !!! Especially the organizers from the staff of the department - the director of IBEIT Filyppova Svetlana (the professor of the department of accounting, analysis and audit) and the deputy director of IBEIT - Natalia Selivanova (associate professor of the department)

16 may 2017

Spring Olympiad - students AAAD returned with winners" diplomas!

Olympics with our favorite specialty is traditionally the most numerous by the participants. This year in intellectual competitions in Dnipro were involved 137 students from 72 universities in Ukraine and in Nikolayev - 121 students from the 42's. Then more expensive each victory is!

6 march 2017

"Highly qualified professionals should be trained by professionals" - a vector of development of the DAAA

03/06/17 senior lecturer of the department Malin Olexandr Lvovich gave a lecture for students on the discipline "Organization of entrepreneurial activity".

3 march 2017

Advanced technologies training highly qualified specialists of the DAAA ONPU

The formula for success in taxation and accounting - is deep knowledge plus a daily practice. Considering the challenges of time, the Department of accounting, analysis and audit involves in the learning process more experienced highly qualified professionals.

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